Boyfriend Explains Why He love his Chubby Girlfriend


In the eyes of society, woman is always imposed with double-standards and ideals of physical beauty. Beauty, they say, is when you have fair skin, the face of Aphrodite, and a body of a Victoria’s Secret model. The society’s ideals of beauty puts pressure to every woman out there to prove they have a place in this world by fitting in to the standards the people around them.

Men are also pressure to present their lady-love to others as it have to fit their concept of beauty, but there was this man, who proved that a woman should be loved no matter if they are sexy or not, and man, he is more than proud and in love to his plus-sized girlfriend and he does not feel shame to show the world how much he loves her.

This guy, Jeto Guanzon, shared his story on Facebook, captioned: “Love What Matters”, he immediately went viral because everyone is wowed to know how he’s so proud and in love with his chubby girlfriend who is beyond proud to be who she is. He shared photos of them and shows to the world that this girl is not less than of a woman the society thinks about.

Regardless of being called fat by people, and not fitting in to their standards of beauty, the girl is more than happy of who she is and her body may not be sexy, she is beautiful in her own way and that is what Jeto fell for, loving her to the moon and back, admiring that charming smile who makes him fall in love more and more, the adventure that she brings into his life, her passion in life that brings her pure bliss, and being unafraid to be who she really is.

“Yes, she is my girlfriend. She’s the one I love. Yes, she’s Big. Yes, she’s plus size. Yes she has great curves and yes I love her. I just wanna tell you that not all men want party girls and sexy girls. I love her just the way she is.

I feel like I’m a better man when I’m with her. And to whoever who wanna bash her, you gotta deal with me. Because she is always, always worth fighting for.” — Jeto Guanzon.

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