Chinese Fortune Teller Can Preditc Future By Touching Woman’s PRIVATE


Fortune telling is usually done by reading one’s palm or examining one’s face but one fortune teller is now making his name in the field by predicting one’s future through an unconventional method – fondling one’s private

A short footage of a Chinese fortune teller is making rounds online for his very unconventional way of predicting the future of his customers. If others read palms and use cards, this strange fortune teller cups the breast of his customers.

In the video, the fortune teller’s right hand went through the shirt of his female client who was patiently waiting to the fortune teller’s findings. The fortune teller, on the other hand, quietly rested on his seat with his left arm holding his crutches.

As seen in the video, the fortune telling was done in an open area where people are free to witness the actual scene. By examining the face of the people, same with the female client, they also looked puzzled and curious on how the fortune teller could actually predict the future of the woman by just touching her breast.

Unfortunately, the clip only took few seconds and was cut without sharing the findings of the fortune teller.

This video was initially posted on Chinese video sharing site Miaopai by a user called Xiao Yuwen. It was later reposted on youtube by zeemoblog and has now garnered more 150K hits.


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