Coco Martin, nagbabala na sisipain ang mga taong nagkrikritiko sa ABSCBN kapag nanuod ulit ng Probinsyano


Most of us know that Kapamilya actor Coco Martin did not usually fight back to those critics of ABS-CBN, whenever someone was throwing shades against his home networks. But, it seems like Martin couldn’t hide his anger anymore to the critics who were still happy and celebrating upon the closure of ABS-CBN.

On his Instagram post, Martin shared a short video clip where a girl can be seen crying after hearing that the Kapamilya Network will stop their operations in the meantime because their franchise already expired.

Martin even called those people behind shutting down the ‘ABS-CBN’ as ‘demons’ who didn’t think what will happen to the thousands of employees and their families who lose their jobs.

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The ‘Ang Probinsyano’ leading man also promised that he will do something to those people who are still happy and supporting the closure of his home network.

Martin told,

“Tama na wag kana umiyak babalik kami sadyang may mga Dem0nyo lang talaga na tao ngayon na gusto tanggalan ng kaligayanhan ang mga tao at ng hanap buhay na pinagkukunan ng kanilang kakainin sa araw araw!”

He also said,

“Pag balik namin pag sasapakin ko lahat ng tuwang tuwa ngayon na sarado na ang ABS CBN!!”

Martin even claims that some of ABS-CBN’s critics might also the same people who patiently waiting in line just to join some contest which was being held in ‘It’s Showtime’ once the media giant network will come back to its operation.

Martin said,

“Baka pag balik namin sasabihin ng mga Bushers namin miss na miss nyo kami at makikipila kayo sa showtime para manood ng live at sumali sa contest.”

Martin also vowed to the critics of ABS-CBN that he will kick their faces once they watch some Kapamilya shows.

The actor told,

“Try nyo manood ng Probinsyano sisipain ko muka nyo!!!”

National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) released a cease and desist order on May 5 to stop the operation of ABS-CBN. The Kapamilya Network also signed off around 7 o’clock in the evening on the same day to follow the orders made by the NTC.

Source: Instagram

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