Dating Mamahayag ng ABS CBN itinanggal umano sa trabaho matapos nitong magkaroon ng maternal leave


Recently, former journalist Jay Sonza took his social media account to unveiled the truth about what was really happened to his fellow journalist, Ruth Abao-Espinosa. Ms. Abao used to work in the Kapamilya network before and she even became a part of the popular program in ABS-CBN before entitled ‘Hoy Gising!’

Sonza said Ms. Abao was one of the most hardworking and most trustworthy employees in ABS-CBN before. She is also a good radio announcer and television newscaster. Ms. Abao also works for the Kapamilya network for several years and she didn’t fail the media giant network because of the great skills that she has when it comes to being a newscaster and an announcer.

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However, she had to go on leave for several months because she got pregnant and needed to rest until she already gave birth to her baby. But when Ms. Abao went back to ABS-CBN to report for work, there she found out that she was already no longer needed in the Kapamilya network.

Sonza said,

“Ruth Abao (Ruth Abao-Espinosa) was not only pretty and smart, she is a good television newscaster and radio announcer. On top of that, the five foot three morena was great at singing bosa nova and jazz.

“She was pirated from PTV4 and was dispatched to do board work for DZMM and later for channel 2 news and current affairs. She was doing very well until she got pr3gnant and had to go on leave.

“After the maternity furlough, she reported for work, only to be told she was no longer needed.”

Sonza also revealed that the person who replaces Ms. Abao was the same person who spends most of his time with the boss at the penthouse.

Sonza continue,

“Her pinch-hitter got the job after spending time with the boss at the penthouse. The new lady in the house must be rated for later she was gifted with a white top of the line sedan.

“Poor Ms. Abao, had to go and seek justice before the national labor relation commission. Did she get justice against the rich and politically influential bosses. No she didn’t. May gumapang sa kas0.

“DZRH took her and became tandem with Mayor Lakay Deo for a good number of years. Today Ms. Ruth does her regular radio program with DWIZ.”

Meanwhile, the revelation of this by Sonza was shared by Ms. Abao to her personal social media account. Sonza gave a reminder to those employees who are working in the media giant broadcasting company and also advice them that they should think better on the work they chose because they might also suddenly lose their job just like what happened to them.

Sonza said,

“Anecdotes na maaring kapulutan ng aral ng mga namamasukan sa mga dambuhalang kumpanya, whose owners think they are gods and gift to society and mankind.”

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