Ella Cruz Latest Dance Cover Video “Side By Side ” Now Trending In Social Media


It’s been months since Ella Cruz last posted a dance cover video and finally the long wait is over. Watch Ella Cruz together with SB NewGen cover Ariana Grande’s “Side By Side”.
Apart from being an actress and model, Ella Cruz has been creating her name in the field of dancing and online by posting some dance cover videos together with known dancers such as Foreignay and dance choreographer Dasuri Choi.

Now, Ella Cruz has taken again the world by storm with new dance cover. This time she was joined by SB NewGen in her EC dance studio.

While watching the new dance cover, we can say that Ella Cruz had again nailed her performance with oozing sexiness. Well, we can say that she’s no longer a kid anymore because she totally changed her image from being a cute teen actress into someone who can fire up the stage the moment she stepped on it.

Unfortunately, the video only lasted for one minute and thirty seconds where only the highlights of the dance cover were shared. On the positive note, the credits of the video did surprise us because Ella Cruz actually directed the video.

Ella Cruz started posting her dance cover last year with “Twerk It Like Miley” as the pioneer. She’s also into the K-pop genre and posted dance covers including “Red” by Hyun-A and the latest “I Like That” with Dasuri Choi.


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