Justice For Nick , Architect Student New Victim of Robbery and Holdup


It’s very saddening to hear news that young people’s lives are taken in exchange of their possessions. Despite the current administration’s intensive war against D R UG S, an innocent life had been taken by criminals freely lurking around the country. The recent one is Nick Russel Oniot, an 18-year-old third year student of Adamson University.

The  incident happened on October 14 (Friday) at around 10 in the evening at Martinez Street, Barangay Central Signal Village,  Taguig. According Oniot’s friend, Norman Orolfo Bueno, suspects followed Oniot from a convenience store until they reached the dark street of Martinez in Barangay Central Signal Village where they stabbed the student 18 times.

Bueno also expressed his disgust on the cruel fate of his fate noting that several people had witnessed the crime.

“Ang masakit nito marami daw po ang nakakita pero ni isa wala ho nagtangkang tumulong,” Bueno told.

The next day, Oniot’s suspects were already nabbed by the authorities. The first suspect arrested confessed the crime and even got the courage to smile and wave his hands in front of the authorities and the media. He was escorted by the police to the house of the other suspect namely Marvin Bernardo.

Although Oniot’s suspects are now in the custody of the police, many netizens are still angered and hoping that justice would be serve to Oniot the soonest time possible. 
Let’s include Nick Russel Oniot and his family in our prayers.
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