Man Trying To Take Advantage of A Drunk Friend Caught On Camera


This video of a man and a woman who were both drunk earned a lot of different reactions from the netizens. Find out the reason by watching the following video.

We are now in the age where women are not conscious enough to show their liberated side and being a ‘Maria Clara’ is no longer part of the fast pacing modernization in our culture. Women who left this known personality can now be seen mingling with the opposite gender and opening her doors to more possibilities.

In the viral video, a man and a woman was documented drunk and experiencing the effects of being under the influence of alcohol. Since this kind of experience has been known to many, many already expected that ‘something’ would escalate quickly.

 As seen in the video, the effect of alcohol hit the man greatly because with his gesture, it can be noticed that he was not in his self anymore. He forcefully tried to kiss the lady and hoped to initiate more with the girl while the girl defended herself from the dark plans of the man trying to do something bad to her in front of their friend who was filming the scene.
With this, a lot of netizens expressed their different views about the video. Some told that it was the girl’s fault why the man was provoked to do such thing because it was her decision to join the drinking session and must have known the possible outcome being in the situation. Female netizens took the side of the girl and believed that she didn’t do anything wrong.
So what’s your view about this?

For the privacy of the victim, we decided not to put the video .source:

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