Mariel Rodriguez is happy about Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo’s budding romance


Sat Feb 12 2011 03:00 AM
by: Rachelle Siazon

Given her husband’s reputation as a certified ladies’ man, rumor has it that Mariel Rodriguez has been frequenting the set of Guns and Roses so that she could keep an eye on Robin Padilla and his leading lady Bea Alonzo. But Mariel claimed that there’s no truth to such reports because she knows that the two are complete professionals. “Although wala pa naman talaga akong naririnig na ganon, pero siguro ganon talagayun ang interpretation nila. But I am very excited for their show. We respect Bea, we respect Robin’s work. Robin has good work ethics. Siguro hindi naman siya tatagal for the last 25 years in the movie industrykung wala siyang work ethics ‘di baHindi [ako nabo-bother na baka magkadevelopan sila]ngayon pa,” said Mariel in an interview with

Incidentally, Bea is currently dating Mariel’s ex-boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo. When asked how she feels that the two are now an item, Mariel said that she’s really thrilled that Zanjoe has improved a lot when it comes to expressing his feelings. “I am happy na nasasabi niya yung nararamdaman niya openly, that’s good.” For the record, the bubbly TV host stressed that she has no angst towards Zanjoe even though they didn’t exactly part on good terms last year. “Wala naman talagang issue kasi Zanjoe and I were no longer together when I met Robin last year. So kumbaga may closure naman kaya there are no issues for us to worry about.”

In fact, Mariel can see herself being good friends with Zanjoe again. But there would have to be certain limitations because of her status as a married woman. “E sa akin naman lahat ng nakilala mo na tao dapat talaga meron kayong friendship, what more towards someone that you had a relationship with? It’s just that we have to respect na I’m married now, parang hindi rin proper na lalabas kayo, parang hindi ko nakita na ganon ‘di ba?” 

In the meantime, Mariel’s excited to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day with Robin. Although she’s been working almost 24/7 for Happy Yipee Yehey!, she made sure that they would still have quality time together at home. “Everyday is Valentine’s for us, kinikilig ako. Siyempre mag-uumpisa pa lang yung noontime show, so ang ang sabi lang niya sa akin, ‘Think of your work, don’t think about me first,’ very supportive naman siya. On my part,sinabihan ko din naman ang handler ko na basta Sunday and Monday ‘wag mo ko iko-commit ha. Wife ako n’yan. I’m really happy,” she beamed.


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