The Movie and Television Review Classification Board has summoned the directors, writer and executive producers of ABS-CBN’s ‘Till I Met You’ show after the office received complaints over ‘unfitting and daring lovemaking scene’ by James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s characters in last month’s episode.

The said love scene inside the car and in a bath tab became viral on social media networking sites and entertainment websites.
“The 25 October 2016 episode includes a purportedly daring lovemaking scene inside a motor vehicle, which some audiences found to be unfit for television (despite its “SPG” advisory). As regards the 26 October 2016 episode, we received feedback as to the casual use of the words “sex lang yan” without reference to, or in disregard of, the institution of manage- Te 27 and 28 October 20L6 episodes, upon the other hand, contain allegedly “sexually teasing?’ as well as more outrightly sexually charged bath-related scenes (bearing only a ‘PG” Parental Guidance] advisory) — both of which were found by some audiences as inappropriate for television.” excerpt from MTRCB letter.
The program’s directors Antoinette Jadaone, Andoy Ranay along with their executive producer Arnel Nacario and writer Shugo Praico are set to meet with the MTRCB for a conference on November 10 regarding the said issue.
READ the summon letter below:

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