Top 5 Animals to AVOID in Australia


Australia may be known for its fantastic weather and cute and furry kangaroos and koalas but there are a number of animals that you will want to avoid on trips Down Under. Some of the ferocious species listed below make for a memorable sight at a zoo during Australian holidays but be warned – in the wild there’s no glass panel to offer protection.


The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular attractions of the Australian coast but it is also home to one of the most lethal animals in the world – the box jellyfish. Its stings can be fatal, as it possesses one of the most powerful venoms known to man. One of the trickiest things about the box jellyfish is that it can wrap its long tentacles around your body, making it difficult to remove, so this is one underwater critter you definitely won’t be looking to meet.


With one of the most powerful bites in the world, the saltwater crocodile is one reptile you don’t want to mess with. Its speed and force achieve it ‘top 5’ status when it comes to Australia’s dangerous animals as it can even take down huge adult water buffalos among other giant mammals. Its death roll grip is known the world over and is something to behold should you ever see it in real life.

Creepy crawlies

On the other end of the scale, Australia is known for its smaller deadly animals, housing the most dangerous spiders in the world. The funnel-web has powerful fangs that can pierce fingernails and even shoes whilst the red back spider is famed for its neurotic venom and iconic markings.


Next to spiders, Australia’s snakes are wisely feared. The brown snake, despite having a deceptively nondescript name, can kill within minutes. The tiger snake has a mortality rate of 45 percent of all untreated bites so while characteristically meek in the presence of humans, it is one to stay very wary of. The taipan is another snake that will avoid human contact but, should it feel threatened, can deliver a deadly venomous bite.


Perhaps the most infamous of Australia’s deadly animals, the great white shark is regarded as the world’s largest predatory fish. While humans are not common prey for the great white, their attack is widely feared for its aggressive and fierce nature. Their bite is immensely powerful and, should they mistake a human for a seal or other prey, could prove fatal.

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