Top Dangers of Keeping a Gun in Your Home


The second amendment of the United States Constitution gave citizens of the United States the right to “keep and bear arms.” Various organizations have their own interpretations of this amendment but there is no mistaking the fact it does allow a citizen who has not been convicted of a felony to legally purchase and have a gun in their house for gaming or personal protection.

Keeping a gun in your home can be dangerous
One of the biggest problems someone having a gun in their home is there is a greater chance they will use it against a friend, relative or the gun’s owner than as a means of self-defense against an intruder.

Children must understand the risks of guns in the house
One of the biggest dangers parents face when they have guns or other lethal weapons in the house is young children finding it and treating it like a toy. A gun or rifle will be inviting for children because they will see it as something they are not allowed to touch. It is essential for parents to teach their children the dangers of firearms and they should not touch them under any circumstances.

It’s imperative to store all weapons in a location that is safe and not accessible to children. They should be stored in a cabinet that remains locked and the key in a spot that is only accessible by an adult. Keeping the gun unloaded will also prevent any accidents in the event a child does happen to find it.

Weapons for self-defense
Although all homeowners have the potential to become victims of a burglary any attempts at trying to stop a criminal may put you and your family in grave danger. Unless it is an amateur, criminals are used to being in dangerous situations, so do not pull out your gun unless you are prepared to defend yourself. Simply displaying the weapon is likely to cause an escalation in violence and even allow the intruder to get the gun away from you and turn it on you and your family. Also remember the intruder may have a concealed weapon, and if your gun is not loaded and/or you don’t know how to use it you have put yourself in imminent danger.

Everyone who wishes to have legal ownership of a gun has to undergo a thorough background check and be declared mentally competent to own a gun. Most criminals obtain their weapons on the black market to avoid the application process or because they already have a felony record that prevents them from carrying a gun legally. This does not mean, however, they will not have a gun in their possession when they break into your house. Unless you know otherwise consider any intruder into your home as armed and dangerous.

Before you attempt to keep a gun or any other lethal weapon in your home be sure you enroll in a training course. The training course will teach you everything you need to know about the weapon including handling, cleaning, and maintenance. You will also learn how to use the weapon properly to protect you and your family.

Pepper spray, personal alarms and stun guns are non lethal alternatives to having a handgun or firearm in your home. These types of non-lethal weapons, just like handguns, are most effective with some sort of basic self defense training. The training will help you overcome the panic sensation that can happen during an attack and be able to use the non lethal weapons more easily and effectively to protect yourself. Learn more about what is pepper spray, how it stops attackers and gives you time to escape to a safe location.

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