Plastic is a major problem in the whole world because yes, it is durable and convenient, but the waste and garbage accumulation of it destroys the environment because of its harmful effects, and it takes over a century before it starts to decompose. But a miracle was made by a Filipino inventor to solve the major problem of the world: turning plastic into fuel! Fuel such as diesel, kerosene and gasoline is being converted from plastic. And this is a breakthrough invention indeed to help the world save the environment.

The discoverer and inventor was a Filipino named Jayme Navarro. He said that the invention was out of serendipity or accident discovery. He had the idea originally to attempt to return the plastic into its virgin form, but what he discovered was by far, much better than what he planned. He was credited for the invention, but the machine that is being used to break down the plastic and convert it to fuel is made by his engineer children. The process is simple: First, the plastic is being broken down and pulverized until it is powdered through a conveyor belt then it is melted in a reactor and converted into fuel through distillation. They are now currently collecting their materials from the landfill in Rodriguez, Rizal.

While there is yet a tedious process before this invention be out in the market, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is excited for this discovery. The Navarro family has already secured a patent for their invention as it is being processed by the authorities. Hopefully this innovation shall make it out big as it is a potential major solution to the major problem of all the countries in the world. There is hope now that we can make the world a better place, once again.

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