Vice Ganda shares the secret to his close friendship with Kris Aquino



After his first few guestings on Kris Aquino’s talk showBoy & Kris back in 2008, Jose Marie Borja-Viceral, more popularly known in showbiz as Vice Ganda, admits that he never imagined that he and the popular host-actress would end up being such close friends. In the current issue of The Kris Aquino Magazine, the 35-year-old comedian recalls his first impression of Kris. “I never expected that Kris and I would be—could be—friends. When she still had a morning talk show, I was a frequent guest. I thought it all started and ended there. I was thinking, Ay, paborito ako nito, gagalingan ko para i-guest niya ako lagi, para meron akong raket,’” he says. 

Vice admits that they got even closer when they started communicating via text messages on their mobile phones and would regularly check up on how each other was doing or feeling at the moment. “She went out of her way to connect with me kasi nahihiya akong kumonekta sa kanya kasi si Kris Aquino siya. I didn’t want to be tagged na feeling close, masyadong chumichika, lume-level. She made me feel that I should be relaxed when I am with her,” he explains in the interview.

Aside from the fact that they both love engaging in long conversations, Vice also shares that he and Kris also both enjoy watching movies, shopping and music. “She thinks that I have a good voice kaya naloloka ako sa kanya. Lagi nya ako pinapakanta. She is proud of me. We’re also both opinionated. That is our biggest similarity. Nagtatawanan, nagko-kontrahan. ‘Ay, hindi ‘day!’ Ganunan kami tapos sabi niya, ‘Bahala ka sa buhay mo!’ Tinanggap naming na marami kaming magkakaibang opinion,” he adds. 

Vice reveals that their willingness to accept each other’s differences play a big part on why their friendship has become stronger over the years. “Hindi perfect si Kris Aquino at ako rin, hindi ako perfect. Pero ang mgaimperfections namin kinakatuwaan namin. We’re both a little crazy. I am one of the very few who make her feel that she is normal. ‘Normal ka hindi ka Diyos.’ Yung iba kasi dino-Diyos siya kaya hindi na sincere, ayaw na niya. She likes to be treated like an ordinary person,” he says. 

Perhaps another reason that has endeared Vice to Kris is his persistence to retain his autonomy as a public figure despite the obvious perk there is to being attached to her in any way. “I don’t say yes to all her invitations.Kasi yung iba pag niyaya ni Kris Aquino, kahit anong lakad ihihinto. Hindi ka a-attend ng kahit graduation mo pag niyaya ka na mag-dinner ni Kris? She respects the fact that you have your own life and that you make your own decisions,” he shares. 

To read the full article on Vice Ganda, get your copy of the latest issue of The Kris Aquino Magazine, available at all leading bookstores nationwide. 

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